Tide tables, tide prediction software, tide graphs, tide height finder, masses of tidal information
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Tide Plotter
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Tide tables, tide graphs, tide height finder, route planning, tide streams, GPS interface with a host of tidal calculations and information. Tide Plotter the easy to use tidal prediction software for Windows, a useful tool for any user of tidal waters.

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tidal stream component included at no extra charge (see detail)

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Tide Plotter is a powerful tidal prediction program for Windows 98/NT4/2000/ME/CE/XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Smart Phone 2003, versions for: UK Irish and Channel ports, Europe, East Coast of US and Australia - one year and three year versions available.
 Features tide tables, graphs, logs, calculations and many more useful tide calculations. Tide Plotter  makes working with tides a point and click affair. An very useful tool for any user of tidal waters!

Purchased online for only 10.99. This price includes both the PC, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Smartphone version.
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In addition to the UK, Europe and USA, there is an Australian version now available

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