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Unlike other tidal prediction programs Tide Plotter is updated every year making sure you benefit from the latest advances in technology and the use of the latest Admiralty data. The following additions and amendments have been made in Tide Plotter  


A new tidal streams component included with no extra charge on the standard Tide Plotter product. For the sea areas surrounding the UK and Ireland, including the English Channel, we have presented tidal stream information from the chart tidal diamonds.

This is presented in a graphical format. Hover the cursor over the tidal stream arrow and the direction and strength of stream is shown. The stream information can be displayed either at a date and time determined by yourself, or, Tide Plotter will continuously update that information constantly in real time.

No more need for the Maths of interpolation to make those calculations.



  • New for 2007!! A new interface for GPS to go with the screen with a scale map giving a point and click option to find tide times and heights. There is a new facility that enables data to be exported to a spreadsheet. These supplements last year's features of a facility to draw distances and bearings. There is also a tidal streams add on which can be purchased at an additional cost of 33.95 per sea area. This shows tidal streams for offshore passage making and will work out tide vectors and course to steer and passage time.

  • A version for Australia
  • A first with a version for the new generation of Smart Phones. Download all 600 ports onto your mobile phone.
  • 3 year version now available
  • A version with additional European ports. Brest to Gibraltar and Northern Norway to Holland, plus of course the bit in-between, UK and Ireland
  • An East coast  of America version, including the USA Canada, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico
  • Logbook - free, a logbook in pdf format, contains useful information as well as allowing you to record all your trips
  • Working with tides - free, an electronic book giving both the theory of tides plus practical examples for you to work through. Excellent if you are following an examination syllabus etc
  • Photo gallery - a new set of 200 high resolution photos and images
  • Updated manual explaining the wide variety of uses for Tide Plotter
  • Additional ports added
  • Latest data from the UK Hydrographic Office. Making sure you benefit from the most recent surveys and observations of ports and harbours. 

plus the additional features in previous editions:

  • Height finder - enter a tide height for your port and Tide Plotter produces a table of times when the tide is predicted to be at that height
  • Tide Log - keep your own log of ports, dates HW & LW plus enter your own time and get the tide prediction.
  • Windows CE Pocket PC version bundled with the PC version at no extra cost
  • Sunrise and sunset times calculated for the selected port and date.
  • Moon phases shown on the monthly tide tables.
  • Much faster calculations of predictions.
  • Export graphs to the popular JPEG format.
  • Nearest ports. See at a glance the distance and bearing to the nearest 10 ports.
  • Improved support of time zones.
  • View ports ordered by name or location.
  • Much faster
  • Put the cursor anywhere on the graph line for a reading of the time and height of tide
  • Enhanced help with a new manual now available on the CD. Acrobat Reader version 6 is also available to read the manual