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Tide Plotter features:

bundled free

  • Working with Tides - an electronic book giving the theory of tides plus some practical exercises
  • Logbook - and electronic logbook with useful information needed when on the sea
  • Photo gallery -  high resolution photos and images
  • Gale Force 8 computer dice game
  • Monthly tide tables showing the high and low waters for every day of the month
  • Daily graphs showing every detail of the days tide.
  • Tidal stream information shown graphically from tidal diamond information on the chart (UK & Channel only)
  • Height finder - enter the chart datum you require and Tide Plotter will produce a monthly table of predictions of the time when the tide will be at that height
  • Tide Log - this is an extremely useful feature for listing your own log of tides for different ports and times with their heights
  • GPS interface
  • Scale map to show all the ports with facilities to plot routes indicating bearings, distance and time taken. An additional tidal streams map can be purchased as an add on
  • Running aground calculations. Tide Plotter can tell you whether you are likely to run aground at an anchorage.
  • Choice of displaying predictions in metres or feet.
  • Print daily graphs and monthly predictions to take places your computer can't go.
  • Export daily graphs and monthly predictions for use in other programs.
  • Sunrise and sunset times calculated for a selected port.
  • Moon phases clearly shown on monthly tide tables.
  • Predictions can be shown in several time zones. Including the option to automatically adjust predictions for British summer time.
  • 10 Nearest ports to the currently selected port automatically calculated.

Tide Plotter  Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium 200 or higher
  • 32Mb of RAM (64Mb Recommended)
  • 10Mb of free disk space
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • VGA Graphics adapter (SVGA recommended).
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device.
  • WindowsNT4/2000/Me/XP/Vista

When running under Windows CE/Pocket PC the following is required:

  • Handheld device running Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC